Seller’s Checklist for Home Preparation

Prepping your home for sale is THE most important thing YOU can do to sell your home.  TV makes every buyer want a ‘move in ready’ home.  If your is not, it will likely sit on the market until the price drops far enough to motivate a buyer to make these improvements themselves.  Don’t give away your hard earned equity!

You can significantly influence the selling price of your property by preparing before putting it on the market. Here are some simple suggestions to improve a buyer’s first impression of your home.

Print this out and use it as a reference.

General improvements that are easy and have a big impact!
  • Remove clutter and excess furniture!
  • Remove cobwebs from ceilings and corners
  • Remove personal decor and photos
  • Clean and polish door hardware and handrails
  • Clean wall switches and outlet covers
  • Paint light, neutral colors!
  • Clean and tidy basement and attic storage
  • Add plants and flowers throughout the house

House Exterior
  • Seal paved driveway
  • Weed around driveway and walkways
  • Weed & feed your lawn
  • Keep lawn, trees and shrubs trimmed
  • Wash front steps and porch
  • Check front doorbell and bell light
  • Clean or replace welcome mat
  • Repair and repaint fences and gates
  • Clean gutters and downspouts
  • Clean or repaint siding
  • Wash windows and screens
  • Clean shutters

Living, Family, Dining Rooms
  • Repaint or touch up walls, ceiling and trim
  • Repair or replace damaged molding
  • Clean and wax hardwood and vinyl floors
  • Shampoo carpet

  • Repaint or touch up walls, ceiling and trim
  • Clean drapes and bedspread
  • Shampoo carpet
  • Clean out all closets
  • Clear all bedroom furniture
  • Put away all clothing

  • Scrub tile, bleach, and repair grout
  • Check to see that drawers/doors open easily
  • Clean floor
  • Clean out medicine cabinet
  • Seal around tubs and showers
  • Replace old toilet seats
  • Replace old shower curtains
  • Put out a set of color coordinated bath linens

  • Clean floors until they sparkle!
  • Clean cabinets and remove excess stuff:)
  • Clean interior and exterior of all appliances
  • Empty dishwasher and clean around controls
  • Check operation of all appliances
  • Arrange and clean food storage areas
  • Clean out drawers
  • Neatly display dishes in cabinets
  • Clear clutter from counter tops
  • Check to see that drawers/doors open easily
  • Wash or replace curtains

  • Check operation of appliances
  • Clean and organize laundry area
  • Provide adequate light to area

  • Check operation of wall sockets
  • Remove oil and grease from floor
  • Clean and organize storage
  • FIX noisy garage door openers:)
  • Clean windows!