Hear from our Happy Customers!

We loved all that Kari did!

We loved what Kari did for us! She was very protective of us and made sure our business was done in a very professional way.

I had the pleasure of working with Kari Jones!

I just had the pleasure of working with Kari Jones. I would give her a 5-star rating and recommend her to my friends!

Cathy Corbett Is Amazing

Cathy Corbett is AMAZING! We could not have been matched up with a better Realtor!

We had the RIGHT Realtor and the RIGHT Group!

I must emphasize the thorough attention you provided to the details required in selling a unique property. Very well done Cathy!

SINCERE gratitude for being an EXCEPTIONAL Realtor!

Kari worked very diligently and brought more interest and buyers than we had ever seen with our other agent!

The REAL Realtor:)

I cannot be happier with Cathy Corbett. I will always use her company if I am looking to buy or sell!

Bobbi Horn is efficient and professional!

I would definitely recommend Bobbi Horn for your real estate needs! She handled the sale of my house very efficiently and...

You Made the Process of Selling FAST, EASY and STRESS FREE!

Bobbi was fantastic! Our house sold so fast and without a big reduction on price! When we get ready to sell again, we will...

Greater Rough River Realty Group are #1 with us!

Greater Rough River Realty Group are #1 with us! We had Bobbi Horn as our Realtor she made us feel like family. Everything was...

Bobbi Horn was 5-Star Agent!

If we were to rate Bobbi's job throughout this transaction it would definitely be five stars. We will refer anyone we know who...

I HIGHLY recommend Bobbi Horn!

I highly recommend Bobbi Horn as a knowledgeable, experienced, dependable and friendly Realtor!

Bobbi Horn Listed AND Sold Our Home QUICKLY!

My husband and I were delighted with our experience and would enthusiastically recommend Bobbi Horn!

Cathy – Keep up the GREAT work you are doing at Rough River!

God blessed us with Cathy! She was just the right Realtor and found us just the right buyers at the right time! We are very...

We’re Glad Bobbi Horn was OUR Agent!

Bobbi was relentless in our pursuit to purchase our dream lake house!

We had our best real estate experience – EVER!

We enjoyed every minute of working with Dani! We would highly recommend Dani to anyone looking to find their perfect place! She...

Cathy & Dani improvised and got things DONE!

We are so impressed with your ability to get things DONE! I wish we had taken a picture of your office doing what ever the...

Working with Bobbi was incredible!

Working with Bobbi Horn was incredible. Always available! She made this home sale happen.

I would recommend Bobbi Horn!!

Bobbi's professionalism and personal concerns made everything run smoothly and efficiently.

Bobbi is awesome – we’re not kidding!!

When we showed up at her office on Sunday afternoon, there were 6 of us and a baby! But Bobbi never seemed rattled in the least.

Cathy – You always go above and beyond!

You have put in many, many hours of work on our behalf. I am grateful that we are friends!

Cathy was very patient with us as sellers!

We always felt we were being represented professionally. We cannot thank her enough!

My experience with Cathy was EXCELLENT!

The price and value for services rendered was great! I will continue to recommend this agent to others.

Cathy – We absolutely will recommend you to others!

What we liked most about working with Cathy Corbett and her group was that we immediately felt like we were working with friends!

The thing I liked most about working with Cathy Corbett was her efficiency!

Cathy was awesome. She was prepared and helpful in every aspect of the process. It was a great experience!

Bobbi Horn has a repeat “Happy” Seller!

I would definitely recommend Bobbi Horn to others - and liked EVERYTHING about working with her!

Bobbi made our selling experience a good one!

Greater Rough River Realty’s staff, professional marketing and knowledge of the entire area made our selling experience very...

Cathy succeeded where others didn’t!

You have been a joy to work with and I truly hope that we can get together for dinner and some leisure time this summer!

Cathy Corbett has done a fantastic job for us!

We not only sold our property quickly but, through Cathy's counsel, we made more!

Bobbi goes above and beyond the call of duty!

She made our experience in buying our lake home a real pleasure!

Cathy is phoenomenal!

Cathy went way above and beyond the call of her Realtor duty. She became a friend in the process.

Cathy and Carla – you are AWESOME!!

SO glad that we DID purchase a home from you! Thanks a million!!

I would refer Bobbi Horn to any potential customer!

Bobbi took exceptional care in resolving questions and offers on both sides, to both of our credits! I would definitely refer...

We bought AND sold with Cathy and Bobbi!

As sellers AND buyers, we were very satisfied with Bobbi and Cathy!

We bought our new home with Cathy!

We rated our experience as "excellent." We had a short amount of time to find the best home and thanks to Cathy Corbett, we did!

Our experience with Cathy Corbett was excellent.

We were very satisfied with the service provided by Cathy Corbett. She was perfect. We had no problems at all!

Cathy – Your entire staff and office are great!

Cathy's communication was excellent! Her conduct was always professional!

Cathy – Your office is AWESOME!

That's what we tell people about your real estate office and staff.