Bobbi made our selling experience a good one!

After 16 years of enjoyment in our home at Rough River Lake, we felt it was time to sell our property.

We were aware of Greater Rough River Realty and other realty companies in the area. We stopped at Greater Rough River Realty first to get basic information regarding the company, fees and marketing plan.

We met Bobbi Horn who was more than happy to answer any questions. She took time to give us all the details. There was no pressure to sign anything. In fact, Bobbi did not take our last names at that first meeting.

We were very impressed with Bobbi’s personality and energy. We were also impressed with what Greater Rough Realty offered.

Shortly after our initial meeting we called Bobbi to sell our property. She took good care of us from signing the sales contract to closing on our home in a very short time.

We have bought and sold 11 homes in 4 different states over the course of our business career. This is the first time we ever sold a furnished home. Selling any home is emotional. Selling your home and “treasures” is very emotional.

Thank you Bobbi!