Cathy Corbett has done a fantastic job for us!

We were buying our first lakefront property for our retirement home. Patriot’s Landing was the first development we visited. We loved the property, but just as important, we liked, and trusted, Cathy and Charlie Corbett. Charlie is the developer of Patriots Landing. Cathy would not sell us the property until AFTER we had visited another property in North Carolina – that we had already scheduled an appointment to see the next day. That further solidified our trust in Cathy.

Three years have passed and though the development has been everything Cathy and Charlie said it would be, and more, we had to sell. I did not want to pay a commission, but went with Cathy anyway. We not only sold the property quickly but, through Cathy’s counsel on making a counteroffer, we made more. Almost as much as we wanted without a broker’s involvement.