I would refer Bobbi Horn to any potential customer!

I had the opportunity to work with Bobbi Horn. I had not had any previous experience with her firm, only saw signs in the area. Bobbi was kind enough to answer ALL my questions and explain the listing process.

I also contacted three other agencies in the area. Bobbi was professional and waited until I made the initiative to opt to sign with her. Unlike the other firms, Bobbi gave me space and did not aggressively make calls to me, day after day. I like that in any agency.

Bobbi was confident enough in her initial presentation, to let me make the decision to use her and her realty company.

Bobbi gave me her opinion (which I valued) on how to present my property. Her knowledge on the real estate market and assessing a fair market value with the idea of a quick sale. Since my family has owned this property for over 32 years, it was bittersweet when a buyer was evident in less than two months. Along with them being a solid buyer, they were just the family I would have picked to take over ownership. My father would have been proud.

Bobbi took exceptional care in resolving questions and offers on both sides, to both of our credits.

I would definitely refer Bobbi to any potential buyer of real estate.